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Car Driver ( Visa 18 ) from Kuwait only

Posted: 98 days ago
FOX DELIVERY seeks to employees a good Car Drivers in Delivery field In Kuwait (VISA 18 SMALL PROJECT ) which able to use Talabat application .

Article 1: Salary

The basic salary we have set for you is (0.750 KD) per successful order.

Article 2: Target

Your compulsory target is (500 orders) per month. In the event that you fall short of this target, the company reserves the right to deduct (1.00 KD) per order below the mentioned target.

Article 3: Housing and Food

Accommodation and food will NOT be provided by the company. You will be responsible for arranging your own arrangements in this regard.

Article 4: Sim card

SIM card shall be provided for work use only.

Article 6: Petrol

Petrol expenses will NOT be covered by the company. Petrol Expenses will be under your Responsibility.

Article 7: Car & Car maintenance

Will be provided for the company use only. The maintenance expenses will be covered by the company.

Article 8: Accident

Police Report is Mandatory:

1. If you bring the 2 Party Police report and you are not in Fault you need to Pay 25kd only for 1st time to open your File in the Rental Company.

2. If you bring the 2 Party Police Report and it is your fault you need to pay 35kd for the rental company as a Penalty.

3. If you bring the unknown party Police Report then you need to pay 25% of the Total Cost of Repair from the rental Company.

Article 9: Leave Entitlement

Annual Leave You will be entitled to go on leave after the completion of one (1 year) of continuous service at the rate of (As per company policy) per annum.

Article 10: General

Your employment in this company is governed by the Labor Law of the state of Kuwait. You are not allowed to undertake any part- time work (paid or unpaid) with any other entity during the period of your services with the company.

Article 11: Company Policy and Privacy

You are required to observe and uphold all of the Company's privacy, policies, and procedures as implemented or varied from time to time by the company. Any failure to comply with these policies may result in disciplinary action.

Article 12: Notice

If one of the two parties decided to terminate the contract, he must inform the company at least 90 days

(Three months) of services before the resignation decision.

If you agree to all the above, please contact us by WhatsApp message only.

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