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Librarian (American School) Required

Posted: 15-08-2022
Place: Kuwait
1. To have overall responsibility for the management of the School Library.

2. To select, acquire, purchase, organise, advise on and promote learning resources in all formats which support the curriculum and learning and teaching in consultation with school management and other teaching staff.

3. To index, catalogue and classify learning resources in the library resource centre and develop and maintain accurate and reliable catalogue and lending systems.

4. To collaborate with teaching staff in the planning, development, delivery and evaluation of relevant learning and study skills programmes in the library resource centre.

5. To open the library before school, break- time, lunch- time and after school.

6. To promote the use of the library resource centre to the school community and foster an atmosphere which is conductive to positive learning experiences for users of the service. This will include ensuring a high standard of display and promotional material is available.

7. To encourage the active participation of teachers and students in accessing all the facilities and resources available through the school’s LRC, including project work with Head of Faculties whenever possible.

8. To monitor educational materials for use in school in order to identify examples of racial discrimination and other inappropriate material.

9. To supervise and train staff on duty in the library.

10. To promote the library as the major source of fiction within the school through assemblies,registration and other appropriate campaigns.

11. To develop and maintain links with external agencies and sources to maximise the use of appropriate materials and information for the library resource centre, including Wigan Library Service, public libraries, museums, local colleges, community learning services and other local authorities.

12. To be responsible for the supervision and management of the behaviour of students and to have responsibility for student health and safety in the Library.

13. To act as responsible budget holder for the effective budgetary planning and management of LRC resources.

14. When appropriate, train pupil librarians, including the allocation and supervision of clearly defined duties.

15. To manage, develop and organise the school library resource centre to ensure access to an effective learning resource and information service which supports learning and teaching.

16. To assist in developing, implementing and maintaining a policy for the management and use of the library resource centre as a resource which supports learning and teaching in the school.

17. To manage and organise resources, facilities and services provided by the library resource centre to allow flexible access and support for curricular activities, study support, independent and recreational use.

18. To monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the service provided by the library resource centre and implement changes where necessary.

19. To contribute to the development and promotion of the use of relevant ICT applications to support learning and teaching in the learning resource centre, including CD- ROM, on- line database, email and internet and keep abreast of ICT initiatives which have impact on the delivery of a school library resource service.

20. To provide guidance, where appropriate in the use of ICT applications and other library resource centre facilities.

21. To disseminate information on resources and services through the production of curriculum based bibliographies of school library resources and where appropriate, organise book events, author visits, book fairs and exhibitions.

22. To assist with the preparation and presenting of successful bids for budget funding to take forward development of the school’s LRC.

23. To create and demonstrate a welcoming and ‘user friendly’ learning environment at all times of the working day in the school’s LRC.

24. To work under the instruction/guidance of teaching/leadership team, to develop and support intervention work in English.

25. To manage the Eclipse system in the school library – loaning student books in and out, contacting parents and assisting the English faculty with bringing classes across.

26. Organise and co- ordinate an induction of new pupils in conjunction with SEN staff in respect of services and resources available.

27. Researching and purchase new texts to keep the library current and reading material exciting.

28. Plan and deliver all new and existing reading for pleasure initiatives whole school e.g. World Book Day, BookBuzz, National Poetry Day.

29. Lead on Accelerated Reader in KS3 – monitoring and acting upon reading ages to inform staff and arrange intervention.

30. Deliver literacy intervention and support guided reading recovery sessions at both Key Stages to improve reading age and speed.

31. To supervise and provide specialist support to students with barriers to learning on a one to one basis, in a small group or in or out of the classroom.

32. To monitor pupils’ reading activity and habits to accurately record achievement / rewards according to agreed procedures.

33. Administer routine reading tests and invigilate reading exams and undertake routine marking of pupils’ work.

34. Accompany teaching staff and pupils on visits, trips and out of school activities and take responsibility for a group under the supervision of the teacher as may be reasonably directed.

35. Act as a point of contact for the School Council and assist with meetings and activities that they are involved with.



1. To ensure that the library is tidy with all fiction, non- fiction and reference sequences in order and that all returned books are shelved.

2. To supervise the loan and return of materials to staff and pupils.

3. To keep daily records of use, eg issues, queries and pupil usage during the day.

4. To check the receipt of newspapers, periodicals, etc.

5. To assist staff and pupils in their use of the library.


1. To maintain cumulative records of library stock and issues and send out overdue notices.

2. To maintain the physical appearance of the library stock, eg spine labels, date labels and dust jackets.

3. To remove outdated notices.


1. To arrange monthly displays, relating to fiction and non- fiction materials.

2. To check the condition of guiding etc, replacing if necessary.

3. To order new library stock.

As required:

1. To process new library stock.

2. To withdraw stock which is of no further use to the library.

3. To note general stock gaps and unanswered specific questions.

4. To produce lists of new books by subject area for staff.

5. To maintain an illustrations and cuttings file and index, retaining suitable illustrations from withdrawn books or colour supplements if appropriate.

6. To act as an information source for staff by liaison with School Librari

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